This is meant to be a replacement titanium block for a Get Bent Design subcage that has a titanium block mounting plate already. If you purchased a subcage with titanium from us previously, this block will work to replace your current titanium block.

If you have an order without titanium that has not yet been shipped and you would like to add titanium, please contact our support team to get titanium and the mounting plate added onto your subcage for $65 (this includes the cost to add the mounting plate). We ask that you don't place a second order for the titanium block. This can lead to confusion in production!

IMPORTANT: If you purchased a subcage without titanium previously, this would not be easily added on. When we add titanium onto a subcage, the mounting plate has to be molded and welded on before it is powder coated.

LEAD & SHIPPING TIMES: Because these items are made to order, we generally estimate lead times of 10-20 business days. See our shipping information pages for up-to-date shipping estimates. When we are about to ship it out, you will get an email with the tracking number and then shipping usually takes 2-5 business days.

Titanium Block Replacement

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